Multiparametric MRI, or prostate MRI, is a relatively new imaging procedure that allows physicians to see the prostate gland like never before. This April, Dr. Charles Fiske of NorCal Imaging will join a panel with local prostate cancer experts to discuss how this advancement in imaging will benefit patients.


  • “Prostate Cancer: MRI Fusion Changes the Game”
  • A panel of prostate cancer specialists will explain the emerging role of multiparametric MRI in the evaluation of prostate cancer patients. The discussion will include an overview of MRI-Ultrasound fusion biopsy and how the procedure is changing the way we diagnose and treat prostate cancer.


  • Wednesday, April 8 2015
    7:00pm – 8:30pm


  • Piedmont Community Hall
    711 Highland Avenue
    Piedmont, CA 94611


  • Moderator:
    James Rembert, M.D.
    Radiation Oncologist
    Diablo Valley Oncology
  • Speakers:
    Charles Fiske, M.D.
    NorCal Imaging
  • Stephen Taylor, M.D.
    Pacific Urology


Please call: 925-677-5041, ext. 272.

NorCal Imaging is excited to offer prostate MRI services and invites our patients to learn more about this innovative procedure at the upcoming panel. To learn more, please contact us.